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NMIMS ANSWER SHEETS 2017 - Dr . Aravind Banakar - 09901366442 - 09902787224

Assignment Solutions, Case study Answer sheets
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ARAVIND – 09901366442 – 09902787224


Q1. Assume that you are the Quality Head in a Pharmaceuticals manufacturing company. Your CEO has just asked you to prepare a report on TQM implementation in the company. Use the eight building blocks of TQM to prepare your report. 

Q2. Imagine that you are a Senior Production Planning and Control Manager in Tata Steel and you are invited to “NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education” to share your knowledge in PPC. How/what are you going to explain as the role of PPC in any manufacturing company? 
Q3. Assume that you are the Production Head in an Automobile manufacturing company. Discuss how you are going to explain the following to the new recruits in the Production department.

a) Different types of inventory and different type of inventory costs. 
b) Different inventory models. 


1. A leading telecommunication services company, ABC Ltd, is planning to start its operations in India. You are appointed as a compensation consultant by the company. To bring the clarity among the promoters of the company, you are asked to draft the objectives of the compensation management. Draft the same.
2. Which compensation strategy will you choose for a Multinational Food Chain based in USA wanting to set up its chains in a country like India? 
3. As an international HR consultant, you are approached by an MNC for an advice on
HRM issues in different regions. With respect to this, write on following.

a) HRM issues in North America 
b) HRM issues in Asia 


Q.1. SoloBolo Channel a leading name in Media industry is looking out for common development programmes used by organizations to develop the skills of their employees and improve their performance. Provide your inputs for the same.
 Q.2. Mr. Zishan is chalking out Process of Talent Management for the ease of policy making by the HR managers. Help Zishan to brief each of these steps in 500 words.
a) Raymond is your mentee. He is keen on understanding finer aspects of training from an excellent trainer like you. Explain The Kirkp
b) You have recenty attended a conference of “How to retain your talent” in the organization.

Assignment Solutions, Case study Answer sheets
Project Report and Thesis - Contact

ARAVIND – 09901366442 – 09902787224

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